A Vague One… 15 Jan 14 | 0 Comments

I’m not sure what I want today’s topic to be. Actually, no, that’s not true. I know what I want today’s topic to be, but I’m not completely sure if I’m prepared enough to reveal that bit of it. So I’m holding on it for now.

Ahhhh, even though it’s all I want to talk about! It’s not a bad thing at all — it’s actually a super wonderful thing — but it is something a little closer to my heart, so … I need to keep it quiet for now. darn.

But the one thing I will say, is that it brings beautiful butterflies into my stomach and I can’t help but feel all sorts of school-girl-giddy whenever I think about it. Nice to feel this way!

You know what else is nice? This track of positive thinking. I can honestly say that I do see a difference in the way I approach things now that I’m making more of an effort to be kinder, open, optimistic about all of life. Even the difficult things seem to be lined with gold. Even the heart-breaking things come with a beam of light. Even the tiring moments bring a spark of energy. Gradually, I can feel myself not stress out as much, or when I do, I am learning to channel my thoughts from despair to hope. There really is power in positive thinking.

I got the power
1. Related a bit to the original topic I wanted to discuss, I’m glad that I have friends that can talk me off the crazy ledge. When the time is right, I’ll dive into this a little more.
2. #RememberTheHug (inside thing.)
3. There’s strong comfort in knowing that the outcome of something is often heavily reliant on the way you approach it. Simply believing that everything will be alright is a very good start to anything you do.

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