Short, Sweet, Superficial, Sing Song-y 18 Feb 14 | 2 Comments

1. This might be sort of trivial and a bit superficial, but today I pulled out a long-forgotten curling iron and decided to give it a whirl. Loved the casual, carefree, beachy curls it produced! Sometimes you tuck things away or push things aside when you don’t think they work right. But then when you rediscover them, often you can experience it in a new light.

2. I bought a dress today. While this might not seem a big deal for most, for me it completely is. Because I don’t have the body for dresses. They often make me look boxy or bigger than I am, or don’t fit to my chest just right. But this one seemed to give me a nice figure. When I brought it into the fitting room, I came in thinking there’s no way it will look right on me. But turns out, it was perfect. Goes to show, you just never know how something will turn out until you try it.

3. Soul. ahhhh, I’m slowly slipping into a motown-y, blues-y, soul-ish musical path with the type of music I’m wanting to listen to. Sharon Jones, Otis Redding, Fats Domino. YESSSS!!!

A.M. Elation 17 Feb 14 | 0 Comments

This morning, I made an effort to get out of bed early and do some yoga. At the end of last year, I had gotten into a pretty good habit of doing a 30-minute yoga routine every morning, but when the holidays hit, that went out the window. It’s been over a month now, and I decided it’s time to jump back into it.

Man, it feels good.

I also managed to squeeze in a quick 5 minute session on my ukulele before dashing out the door, and on my drive to work the funniest feeling came over me. I felt SO RELAXED and incredibly ELATED. Everything felt so light and free. My body felt at ease, but alert. Everything seemed so clear and my mind felt fresh. It was AMAZING. What an interesting way to start your day/week!

1. A good morning start is something never to take for granted. I know most of my mornings feel hurried and frantic. It’s nice to have a morning that feels easy. (And a Monday, no less!)
2. Funny discussions about waffles and waffle makers.
3. My favorite block in downtown is about to open a new coffee shop. That little area is slowly becoming my favorite special place in this city. If not for the fact that I’m actually making an effort to hang out downtown (I would have never thought!), but mostly because I’m beginning to form lots of special memories over there with lots of special people.

My weekend of the ukulele 16 Feb 14 | 0 Comments

So what did I do all weekend long? Pretty much a rotation of the following: sleep, eat, play ukulele. (with a little visit to the dog park tossed in there.)

Can I express how INTO playing the ukulele I am? Pretty dang into it! I now know several chords and … GET THIS. I CAN PLAY THREE SONGS! The first is “The Way I am” by Ingrid Michaelson, the second is “Creep” by Radiohead, and the third is probably what I’m most excited about … The How I Met Your Mother rendition of La Vie en Rose (by Cristin Milioti).

Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in such a short amount of time. My fingers feel so raw from pressing against the strings, my hands cramp a bit from contorting to the required chords, and my shoulders are begging for a stretch break … but I’ve become incredibly obsessed with playing over and over and over! What a fun hobby that I’ve picked up. I’m so incredibly thrilled to be learning to play and I CANNOT wait to see what else I learn!

Heart Strings
1. I’ve also started looking up videos people have posted of their ukulele prowess, and it’s thrilling to see how others have progressed in their little ukulele adventures. (Here are a few of my favorites: “Hang on Little Tomato” by this clarinet-ukulele duo, “Roar” by this bubbly 14-year-old, “Creep” by this adorable girl, and Ingrid Michaelson playing her “The Way I Am” on the ukulele (prefaced with a cute story behind the song).)
2. This makes me excited to pick up other little hobbies. I wonder what other crazy ideas will pop into my head this year that I will want to try. Knowing that I have the freedom to pursue various hobbies is such a privilege, and it makes me extremely excited and happy.
3. I have a new-found respect for anyone that plays a stringed instrument. There’s actually a lot of pain behind learning it and from what I’ve read, not a lot of people can make it past that pain. (I understand this … when I was trying to teach myself how to play the guitar many, many years ago, the pain in my fingers was a huge reason why I decided not to continue with it.) Plus, your fingers get incredibly calloused and sore. But once you jump past that initial hurdle of pain and your body starts to get used to it, it’s incredibly fulfilling. Kudos to all who made it past that jump.

To the dogs 15 Feb 14 | 0 Comments

Short post, mostly dog-centric

1. I love the loyalty of dogs. They are with you through-and-through, and unconditionally. I swear, the way they love you is the exact picture of what God wants us to define love for each other.

2. This Instagram Account which showcases mostly the napping habits of Toddler and Puppy Beau and Theo. Seriously the sweetest instagram account there is!

3. My snoring dog Bella. She’s my best sidekick and if I could take her everywhere, I would. I love that little one incredibly.

The long walk 14 Feb 14 | 4 Comments

Because today is Valentines Day, I thought I’d share a dream that I had many, many years ago. There are a few dreams I’ve had in my life that I still remember, but this one must be my absolute favorite thus far. It must have been 2007 or 2008 when I had this dream.

I am copy / pasting this from a facebook conversation I had with a friend, with modifications

The dream starts off in a big, wide, fancy hall/corridor with all my female relatives there — they’re all dressed in cream lacy dresses and were standing in a line, holding various assortments of flowers. I ask what’s going on and they all laugh and say, “you’re getting married, silly!” Well, that’s a strange thing to say! Confused, yet excited, I ask “to whom?!” but they don’t answer. It’s suddenly time to properly line up to make the procession down the aisle.

Apparently, it is an outdoor wedding, and the line of women are waiting to make their way outside. It looks like it takes place on a field typically usually used as a soccer field (random location!) and in the background are white inflatable waving arm tube men, which seems like such an odd, odd choice to have at a wedding, but they actually looked nice in the distance! Just gracefully bobbing about in the background. The aisle is incredibly wide — probably about 20-, or 30- feet wide and is incredibly long, spanning the whole distance of a soccer field. And as it goes in dreams, the length of the soccer field is largely exaggerated, so it almost seemed to be miles long. The aisle is lined with a beautiful lace runner and white flower petals. My guests are sitting on the lawn (what awful seating!) and I begin to notice that this aisle is symbolic of a timeline, as people are seated “chronologically” based on when I know them in my life. As I’m walking down, I say hello to everyone and tell people who I haven’t seen in a while how much I miss them — I especially notice that the “aisle timeline” is lined with relationships passed … old boyfriends, old crushes … which might seem like a strange thing to have at your wedding, but in this scenario, it seemed to symbolize a mending of things from the past. I was ok with these gentlemen being there, in fact welcoming them there, and thanking them for being a part of the journey to where I’m ultimately going (to the alter, in this case). I’m happy they are there. I’m happy to see family and friends there. I say hello to as many people as I can and tell them that I can’t believe that this is happening and that I’m making my way to the man that I love. The music is John Mayer (haha, at the time that I had this dream, I was an incredibly huge JM fan. I still like his music, but not to the capacity that I did in my 20s).

As I’m walking, I still have no idea who is waiting for me up at the front. It seems to be taking a long time to make it up there. But I get this feeling — not so much the me-in-the-dream is feeling the feeling, but “real me” gets this feeling, this thought that says “yes, in your lifetime, Kathy. You will eventually find the one you are meant to share your life with, and you will fall in love and get married. But, of most of the women you know in your life, you will probably be the last this happens to, so be patient.” Strange thing to realize while you’re dreaming, and you’re “witnessing” your own wedding. But it seemed like an appropriate message, especially since I’m not married, or even close to it. And I often wonder if it actually will happen. So with those concerns living out in the real world, it was nice to hear/feel that sort of message from the dream world. I took solace in that. (I still do.)

About three-fourths of the way down the aisle, I can finally see a glimpse of my groom, and I realize who he is. I know I still need to walk down the aisle with the same pace as I had been doing, but it starts to be a huge challenge to have to continually wait to be with him. I’m excited because of who he is and what he’s grown to mean to me. I’m excited to start a new journey with him. I’m excited to spend the rest of my life with him.

It gets to the point where I simply cannot wait any longer and I start to run down the rest of the aisle. A mad dash! I can’t bare not to be next to him any longer. I madly run into his arms and we hug. It is absolutely the most meaningful embrace experience on the face of the planet! Cheeks pressed together. Arms tightly wrapped around one another. He has a big grin on his face. He wears glasses and has short, dark hair. He is the perfect height. I’m really happy. He’s really happy. I say, “it’s you! I’m so, so happy that it turns out to be you!” He doesn’t say anything. He’s too busy grinning in happiness.

That’s where I wake up.

They say that every person in your dream is someone you’ve seen in real life. When I had this dream, I did not recognize the groom. It’s funny to think that this dream had several people, and the one most important person in the dream is someone I didn’t know. I suppose that if you were to analyze the dream, it must mean that in real life I had yet to meet this man.

A few weeks ago, I shared this dream with a friend of mine that knows of my crush, and she jokingly laughed that maybe it’s him that was in the dream. Of course, I laughed, but oddly enough, he fits the description perfectly. I hadn’t met him when I had the dream (I would meet him 2–3 years later). He wears glasses. Has short, dark hair. He’s the best height for me. We’ve had meaningful embraces the past couple of times we’ve had a chance to see each other (my friend and I call them “bear hugs” because of how big and firm the hugs are). And I was happy when I realized that I am starting to have feelings for him. (Also, he’s a huge soccer fan, which ties in with the fact that this wedding took place on a soccer field.)

I’m not saying that it truly is him, or that we’d even get to that level. But it seems very interesting that there are these similarities.

And it is fun to dream about what’s to hopefully come.

In hopes of…
1. With it being Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t help but feel hopeful and gushy throughout the day. I am excited for the prospects of hope and invite whatever is bound to come.
2. Seeing my crush again. Not sure when it will happen, but hopefully sometime soon. I’m sure my cheeks blush at the thought!
3. More bear hugs. Please! More of them!

Strides! Strides! Strides! 13 Feb 14 | 0 Comments

C, A-minor, F, G7, G

These are chords that I know how to play on the ukulele…. and oh. my. gosh. I can’t believe I’ve managed to learn how to play those three chords in less than a week!! The first day, I could barely manage the F-chord, and now I can easily transition from C to F to G7. C to A to F. C to A to F to G7 to C … and a few other combinations! (The G-chord is currently the hardest for me.) It’s sort of amazing how I’m starting to pick it up a little easier each day. When I got home today, I sat on my bed and just strummed random combinations of these five chords just to practice. It feel SO GOOD to just randomly play. It’s so exciting to see strides!

One week! I wonder how well I’ll be playing in a month. Three months! Six months! A year from now!

1. Today, I presented three sketches to my boss of a website I’ve been working on from the start of this year. Honestly, it’s a project that I was a little afraid to work on because of who the clients are (it’s a legendary firm in the city). But I got to the point in this project that I became confident with what I was presenting and even though I probably should have been nervous, I showed my boss what I had and it felt comfortable. I’ve worked at this firm for a little over seven years and it still hits me in the pit of my stomach to present my sketches, but I’m glad that I can muster the courage to present with confidence. It’s ok to have nerves … as long as your pride-in-your-work outweighs it.
2. I see progress in what’s happening between my crush and I. It started off with me not being able to say hello to him, to working up the courage to have a long conversation with him at a social event, to asking him for very personal advice, to inviting him to my work’s dinner, to feeling more comfortable with him, to … who knows what’s to come. I feel like the way it’s been slowly growing is exactly happening at the right pace and at the right times and at the right amount. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here. It gives me butterflies!
3. Even though this blog is a huge challenge to maintain, I’m glad that I’ve still been able to keep up with it. Hoping it’ll get easier and easier to write.

Sees 12 Feb 14 | 0 Comments

Unexpectedly spent most of the evening out of the house, so that means a short one today.

1. Coordination. I’ve picked up a habit that my former-college-professor-now-my-creative-director-co-worker does, which is picking out a mug in the office that matches what I’m wearing. Today, I had on a green sweater, so naturally I picked one of the green mugs. She had on a yellow cardigan: yellow mug.

2. Compliments. Speaking of my green sweater, a friend of the office came by today and he complimented me on my sweater. Nice little gesture!

3. Comfort. Nothing like changing out of the clothes you’ve worn all day and slinking into a pair of worn-in pajamas and a soft, warm bed.

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