Mostly about food.

This blog is just slowly turning into a daily listing of three silly things.

1. Grocery shopping. It’s a weirdly fun thing to do, is it not? Walking up and down aisles, picking out food possibilities. Rifling through cartons of apples and carrots and radishes. Reading the various ingredients to a multitude of salad dressings. Wondering what you could do with a whole jar of pickled onions. I always like the feeling knowing these little things you’ve tossed into your cart will soon come together to be meals.

2. Really nice vendors. So I alluded to a little work screw-up in yesterday’s post. Today, I was on the phone with the vendor, and I can just tell he’s a nice guy who takes his job seriously. He was really kind and patient with the situation. I’m really extremely thankful for it!

3. Pizza. I need some. I’ve been having little cravings for it here and there. I love that stuff, and haven’t had it in a long time. I’m looking forward to a slice and that’s a fun thing to look forward to, isn’t it??

(I find it funny that two of the three things listed today relate to food and food possibilities.)

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