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I wasn’t truly planning on leaving the house today, but I was getting hungry and didn’t feel like cooking anything. Also, I needed to visit my storage unit to (finally) put away my Christmas decorations that have been sitting in bags and boxes. This was an errand I meant to do yesterday, after my first experience at hot yoga, but it left me so flummoxed that I simply forgot.

After getting frustrated with some software updates I was trying to do on my computer, as well as dealing with a hard drive that was not wanting to mount onto my computer, I threw my hands in the air and thought, “I’m just going to step out for a bit — put away my Christmas stuff as I meant to do yesterday and then pick up some greasy (but delicious) fast food on the way home.” So, I grabbed Bella and rushed her into my car (instead of giving her a proper opportunity to sniff the lawn before leaving) and off we went.

On the way there, I see behind me a blue car steadily approaching behind me, weaving in between cars, obviously recklessly driving and ignoring the speed limit. This is something that frustrates me incredibly. I watched him try to bob and weave around me, when he caught himself behind a slow driver. He was in such a hurry that he actually decided it would be wise to drive onto the shoulder of the road to bypass the car. When he did this, his car kicked up some gravel and low and behold this happened…


Frustration overwhelmed me. At first it started off as a little starburst crack and I thought, I’ll just visit a windshield repair guy sometime this week. But right when that thought barely finished, I heard the glass break and it grew into several inches. UGHHHHH.

Some years ago, this same thing happened to my car and I had to get my windshield completely replaced. When that happened, I promised myself to be a little more careful with this new glass. So when I saw this happened, I was incredibly upset. That I had to go through the same trouble to make this fix. To have to spend at least a hundred dollars to repair this. I let my upset emotions overtake me.

I started thinking about how I wished I made just a few small changes in order to possibly avoid this from happening. Had I let Bella sniff the ground a little bit longer, maybe we wouldn’t have been in that same group of cars. Had I left the house maybe 2 seconds later. Had I been a little less lazy and cooked something. Had I remembered to visit the storage unit yesterday as I had planned. Had I sit down one last time in front of my computer to figure out some of the stalling software. I lectured myself to try to be a little more careful with things.

On my facebook post of this photo, I expressed a little bit of this frustration, and then a friend of mine wrote:

You can’t 2nd guess something random like this. Maybe you were supposed to be there because if it happened to someone else, they may have been so startled that they’d lose control of their car & have a terrible accident. The universe knew you could handle it!

And that completely changed the way I thought about the situation! These little things happen for a reason, and it’s really not our place to question it. I’m so thankful that I have people in my life that help remind me of this. Sure, I’m going to need to deal with replacing the windshield, but at least it’s some glass that I’m fixing and not some broken bones instead.

Now that’s a little lesson on perspective.

(Though, ugh, I’m still a bit peeved that I need to fix my windshield. I hope that guy had a good reason for driving the way he did.)

1. Taco Bell. Ok, ok, this is a weird thing to be thankful for. Taco-freaking-Bell. It’s something I don’t get often, but that was my choice today. And you know what, it hit the spot! (The cantina bowl is a smart choice… I also got a chulupa cause, ya know. #yolo.)
2. Cold fronts. Our weather has been so weird and yo-yo-y. Last week, it started to get warm and I figured that meant the last of the winter. But then, hello winter again! I’m glad to have this little cold burst again, because I was starting to think that it was time to tuck away my sweaters for the year and I wasn’t completely ready to do that. So I’m happy to have at least one last time to enjoy winter.
3. Hobbies. I seem to be letting myself explore more hobbies lately which is a nice little indulgence. Thinking about it, I don’t really remember the last time I discovered new hobbies. Feels good to go exploring again.

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