11. Ukulele

My current evening routine when I get home has become:

1. Feed/walk Bella
2. Eat something
3. Quick catch-up on social media
4. Ukulele
5. Ukulele
6. Ukulele
7. Shower
8. Ukulele
9. Ukulele
10. Ukulele

I think it’s paying off since my fingers no longer hurt, my strumming has improved drastically, switching chords is becoming a little less shaky, the few songs I do know I can play faster or slower, the sounds of each chord is becoming more vibrant, and I’m enjoying it more and more and more. What an incredibly fun hobby! It’s funny because I’ve made such huge moves forward in less than a month’s time. When did I even start playing? The beginning of this month and already I’ve got at least three songs tucked away. When I started, I honestly thought it would take me a full year to learn a song. Amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it … and also when you spend hours upon hours playing.

Now that I have that under my belt (and I’ll continue to make the effort to improve), I’m wondering what other new talents I should attempt next. For some reason, juggling has been creeping into my mind. This is something I wanted to learn when I was in high school, and I even attempted to learn. But with lots of things in life, I quickly pushed it aside and here I sit not knowing how to juggle.

I think I’ll make that my next thing to learn. So then I’ll become a graphic designer, with a beagle who has a balancing talent, a ukulele player, and soon-to-become juggler. What a funny little combination of things!

More things to come…
1. Upcoming happy hours and little pop-up get togethers. I’m excited about it all!
2. A new endeavor: hot yoga (Bikram yoga). I’m curious to see how this goes…
3. Spring time. The weather is still going to be chilly (well, between random warm days), but soon enough, it’ll become spring and we can finally welcome some much needed color. It’ll also give me a good excuse to maybe regularly treat myself to some fresh flowers. Nothing seems as happy as fresh flowers, no?

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