Since I had a workshop to attend after work (and close to work), I decided to have a quick dinner with myself at a little casual restaurant that I mostly frequent during lunch-time. It’s actually been a while since I’ve gone to a restaurant alone, and sitting there by myself eating dinner reminded me of two things. One, that I used to be so afraid to do this and two, how nice it is to do this.

I’m glad that I’ve learned to do things independently and that having dinner alone is no longer odd or lonely, but is a great chance to give yourself your own time. It gave me an opportunity to jot down a few notes and making a running list of things that I needed to do, places that I’ve been, and attributes I enjoy about certain people. I had a chance to reflect. I had a chance to think. I had a chance to observe. This is something I should give to myself more often.

Other things…
1. I always, always, always assume no one remembers me. So when I run into someone for a second time, I always make it a point to reintroduce myself. Mostly, I do this so that I never become so arrogant as to believe that people should automatically know who I am. I like to think that it’s one way of remaining humble and down-to-earth. But when people do remember my name, it also reminds me that I shouldn’t completely believe that I’m not a memorable person. Just something to remind myself. Today, two people remembered who I am, and that’s a really nice thing.
2. Salads. They have become my go-to meal and I’ve been enjoying them a lot. They’re good for you, they’re a no-brainer food, there are different kinds of salads, they can really fill you up if you mix in the right amount of nutrients. I’m glad I’m into them.
3. Sketchbooks. I will forever be the kind of person that starts anything with pen/pencil and paper. I like writing lists (instead of typing them), I like to sketch out my ideas on paper, I rarely use any list-making apps on any electronic devise I own. I still like to write things down. There’s something completely gratifying about it. I hope I always stay this way.

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