What’s funny is that throughout the day, I can think of a million things I’ll want to write about when I get home, or I’ll be in the biggest writing mood and simply can’t wait to log into my website and let it all out … but then the moment I sit down to get it done …


cricket. cricket. cricket.

Trying to fill in the blanks
1. I went shopping today to try to find an accompanying top for one of three skirt options I have for my cousin’s wedding this friday. I walked out of the store with not a top, but an apron. GO FIGURE. … I did, however, turn away from a $50 scarf (ain’t no way I am paying $50 for a scarf) that I was incredibly smitten with. That, I am proud of, because I can’t begin to tell you how tempted I was to buy it. … But I just can’t justify that kind of purchase.
2. I absolutely love the fact that I work with my former college professor and we can chat like friends now. When I first started working there, I was so intimidated at the fact that I’m working with someone that used to grade me. Forward seven years later and we’re laughing about the most ridiculous things and she’s telling me stories about her family and I’m telling her about my wedding-shopping drama. It’s nice.
3. My friend and I met for lunch today and exchanged stories about crushes (past and present), nutty people we encounter, and behaviors we just don’t understand. And I guess what we were discussing was so compelling that the folks seated in the table beside us were very non-discreetly eavesdropping into our conversation. On two different occasions and with two different parties, there were ladies that were literally turned facing us and listening in, as if they were in on the talk! (For real … one couple was seated at the table and this happened. Then they left, and a new pair occupied the table and they did the same thing! EAVESDROP!) It was incredibly hilarious! I hope we weren’t talking too loudly (I don’t think we were, as the music in there was a bit loud) and annoyingly. But it surely did seem like they just wanted to listen to what we had to say. Make me feel like we’re interesting people with interesting stories. I wonder what they were thinking as we were talking about these funny people!

(p.s. My cousin’s wedding is on friday, so for the next couple of days, my posts will probably be very short.)

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