Strides! Strides! Strides!

C, A-minor, F, G7, G

These are chords that I know how to play on the ukulele…. and oh. my. gosh. I can’t believe I’ve managed to learn how to play those three chords in less than a week!! The first day, I could barely manage the F-chord, and now I can easily transition from C to F to G7. C to A to F. C to A to F to G7 to C … and a few other combinations! (The G-chord is currently the hardest for me.) It’s sort of amazing how I’m starting to pick it up a little easier each day. When I got home today, I sat on my bed and just strummed random combinations of these five chords just to practice. It feel SO GOOD to just randomly play. It’s so exciting to see strides!

One week! I wonder how well I’ll be playing in a month. Three months! Six months! A year from now!

1. Today, I presented three sketches to my boss of a website I’ve been working on from the start of this year. Honestly, it’s a project that I was a little afraid to work on because of who the clients are (it’s a legendary firm in the city). But I got to the point in this project that I became confident with what I was presenting and even though I probably should have been nervous, I showed my boss what I had and it felt comfortable. I’ve worked at this firm for a little over seven years and it still hits me in the pit of my stomach to present my sketches, but I’m glad that I can muster the courage to present with confidence. It’s ok to have nerves … as long as your pride-in-your-work outweighs it.
2. I see progress in what’s happening between my crush and I. It started off with me not being able to say hello to him, to working up the courage to have a long conversation with him at a social event, to asking him for very personal advice, to inviting him to my work’s dinner, to feeling more comfortable with him, to … who knows what’s to come. I feel like the way it’s been slowly growing is exactly happening at the right pace and at the right times and at the right amount. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here. It gives me butterflies!
3. Even though this blog is a huge challenge to maintain, I’m glad that I’ve still been able to keep up with it. Hoping it’ll get easier and easier to write.

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