Fine tuning

That, my friends, is some of the first in-tune sounds of my ukulele. I cannot express how THRILLED I am to get it in tuned and to hear that fun, happy sound.

Here’s a bit of a confession: I broke one of the ukulele strings during my first hour of owning the thing. Is that not the most embarrassing thing you’d ever hear? I’ve watched several videos showing how to tune a ukulele and the videos made it seem deceivingly simple. And you would think that having several years of playing a clarinet and being a part of a school band would help me easily figure out tuning … oh, how mistaken that notion is. I over-twisted the little winder thingy (ok, looks like I will need to learn the names of the parts of the ukulele) the first string snapped.

Way to go, Kathy. Wayyyy toooo gooooooooo.

The kit I bought luckily came with extra strings, but I haven’t had a chance to restring it until tonight. Again, I watched several videos on how to restring a ukulele (hence, posting about watching tutorials online), this time with the intent to be a little more patient, and careful, with it. Ahh, the difference a little care makes. There’s the lesson, Kathy. Approach things with a little more patience and care, and you won’t end up with a broken string. … but if you do end up with one, at least you got a lesson out of it.

I’ve attempted to learn two chords already by watching more videos online, and while it’s convenient (and free) to learn this way, I think I might do a better job if I sign up for lessons. So, I may look into it. Looks like there are a lot of group lessons all over town, or alternatively, I found someone who does private lessons. We’ll see where I end up going.

I’m excited! My goal is to be able to play one song, gracefully, by the end of the year. Right now, switching from one chord to another is a huge challenge!

In Other News
1. Tonight, my crush had his birthday party and I went … with two pies in hand. Yes, ladies and gents, that was the biggest reason for all the practice pies. I hope they turned out ok. I didn’t try them at the party and left them there in case his guests wanted them. Goodness, I hope they turned out ok … eeep.
2. He has two main parties every year — one for his birthday, one for halloween — maybe I’ve mentioned this already, but he’s invited me to each every year I’ve known him, and every year I never end up going. Of course, things have changed and there I found myself at his party, enjoying crawfish. It’s nice to get a glimpse into his home and meet his friends who aren’t part of our big design circle. He seems to surround himself with really good, friendly, warm people. Also adorable? He invited his parents to his party. His mother is an absolute delight.
3. I was talking about the evolution of this crush to my friend and she mentioned that things just seem to be “rolling along and developing as it should.” It’s kind of interesting how it really has easily progressed along (so often crushes don’t). I’m still not completely sure what his feelings are for me, but I’m enjoying the fact that I’m beginning to ease into this crush a little bit more. When I first realized how I felt, I was a complete shy ball of nerves and barely worked up the guts to casually be able to talk to him. But each time I see him, things start to feel a little more natural, and a little less frightening. (I find it funny that for years how I acted around him was really no big deal to me, and then that sudden rush of feelings hit and I could barely say hello to him at an event. Now, I’m starting to run into him more and more, and am easing back into a good comfort-level with him… this time with a side of butterflies-in-the-stomach. I’m curious to see how, if at all, this continues to evolve.)

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