Three modes of info.

1. Video tutorials on the internet. What a freaking world we live in, where we can look up a video teaching you just about anything and then learn how to do something new. I just spent some time looking up how to restring a ukulele.

2. Long emails from close friends. I’ve always loved writing and receiving letters, and while emails have quickly become something of a nuisance, it’s kind of nice to exchange a string of catch-up emails with good friends. I love getting long emails and spending some time reading it and then spending even more time writing back. I’m not always the best at keeping up on my end in terms of responding, but I’m trying my best to keep at it.

3. Super fans of anything. I was curious about a few facts of the show How I Met Your Mother and ended up finding a wiki page dedicated to all the little facts, trivia, theories, etc. of the show! It’s all sorts of awesome that there are people out there who are so into something that they’ve compiled all the information that they know. Super fans. You guys are so obsessive, but I love and appreciate it!

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