All I can think about is getting my ukulele.

That, and the guy I like. So I’m just going to list three little things about him.

1. We’re friends. We’ve known each other for about four years now, and have slowly built a friendship within those years. Not the kind that we see each other all the time, or call each other, but enough to where we chit chat at events we’re both attending, and laugh at the same sort of things, and even to the point where we can talk about our concerns and seek advice. We run in the same circles and we have similar interests. It wasn’t until the last six months or so that feelings started to develop (on my end), and more effort has been made to hang out. I’ve always said that ideally, if I start a relationship with someone, it would be wonderful if it started off on a friendship level and then evolved from there. So far, this fits that ideal.

2. This crush simply came out of the blue. Maybe a little spark here and there existed within the few years we’ve known each other, but the feels came suddenly and nearly head-on. It was a complete surprise. A cute, and sweet surprise.

3. He is not afraid to look you directly in the eyes, with sincerity. Sometimes, I find that that’s a quality that not a lot of guys are brave enough to have. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with guys where they just don’t feel comfortable looking at your eyes while they speak. He does, and he does it in a very sweet, kind way.

Ahhhh, I wish I could talk about him more, but it’s probably not appropriate.

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