Oh, for the love of pie

So the other day, I mentioned I spent a good three hours making mini pies. (They’re actually round little apple hand pies!) And if you count the number of hours I spent researching pie recipes, shopping for ingredients, thinking about the best way to approach this little kitchen project … well, let’s just say that’s a whole lot of hours spent on a little dessert.


And that got me to thinking … I must really like this person if I’m going through all this trouble.

Yep. I was making a practice batch of mini pies for someone. I find it kind of funny the lengths you’d go to show someone you care. At least, that’s how I feel. As I was peeling and chopping the apples, rolling out the dough, cutting precise circles, and guessing on the baking time, I just simply laughed to myself thinking, “Seriously, Kathy. You’ve been hit hard.”

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I MADE A FULL BATCH OF MINI PIES JUST TO TEST THEM. This wasn’t even the final product. It was a test. run.

But you know what? It feels awfully nice to go through the trouble for just that little chance that maybe it’ll win some hearts.


It has been about ten years since I last truly felt this way (again, 2003 seems to be a reoccurring thing lately), and frankly, I’ve missed feeling this way. The years in between, I simply haven’t had the time to feel it, nor the proper person to feel it for. And now, all of a sudden, there it is … like it was simply just a circumstance of time. (Really, isn’t everything just a circumstance of time?)

oh, if I could just tell the whole damn story here… Maybe eventually. At least parts of it.

Bits and pieces
1. I definitely have not mastered the apple pie yet. I made one from scratch over last year’s thanksgiving break. It was good, but far from where I’d like my apple pie standards to be. It’s gonna take some practice, but I am determined to get it right!
2. I am, however, pretty stellar at making pumpkin pies. I can’t wait to make my next one (which will happen very soon).
3. Simply because of this pie-venture, I bought a microplane grater/zester (to grate nutmegs, fresh). Seriously, I am going to great lengths to win some hearts. Seriously, I must be smitten.

(p.s. as far as I know, the person I am alluding to does not know about this blog. … and if he does, then … oh, hello! Secret’s out. Cat’s out of the bag. … but to be honest, I think I’ve been obvious. … errrr, or maybe I haven’t? …)

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