Ten year stretch

2003 was a good year for me. It was the first year in my college life were I made true (college) friends, my start in my graphic design life was starting to take foot, I got my car (that I still drive today), I took a class with a professor that I now work with, and a bunch of small little things happen that still touch me today. Ten years later.

Tonight, I find myself watching the movie Amelie which my friend Diana recommended I watch… back in 2003. Since then, I’ve watched that movie hundreds of times. Just one of those movies that no matter what, I always feel so warm and light after. I’ve mentioned this movie to my cousins dozens of times and they always kind of roll their eyes at their artist cousin, thinking it’ll probably be too off-the-cuff for them. Hopefully one day they’ll take the time to actually watch it.

I love the romantic notion of going around town doing secret do-good task for the people she, Amelie, encounters in her life. I love that she discovers herself while she does it. I love that each character has their own little quarks and interests and dreams. They each have that little something about the world around them that makes them smile — sticking their hand in a pile of grains, collecting laughter, treating endives as treasure. How can anyone watch this movie and not want to smile after?


Little things that make me smile
1. When my dog’s lip gets stuck on her lip and she gets that funny snaggle-tooth smile. Cracks me up, every time!
2. Soup dates with my mom. We typically do it for our Sunday lunches, just quietly sitting there enjoying our warm pho.
3. Listening to the individual voices that sing during church. I used to sing along, but now I find pleasure listening intently to the voices around me to hear unique features in their voices. high pitch, low pitch, out of tune, perfectly in tune, quiet, loud, vibrato, with gusto, with boredom …


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